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First off I wish to thank you all for all those page views. I really appreciated that.
Also I want to let the ones who asked for requests and art trades of my artwork that I will get them done.
I'm currently involved with taking an online class in order to learn the art of digital painting. It will be an
extensive effort and a lot of my time will be devoted to this class. I will honer your request with my spare
time. I wish to ask my watchers an opinion about a OC that I'm currently working on. He will be an atomically
correct character. Other words he will be nude. This drawing will not be pornographic in anyway. If you wish me
to not submit this deviation I will respect your choices and won't post it.In finish I once again thank you all for the
many page views.

You guys are the best!
Jake, "Cosmo Coyote" Sauerwein.